Sprites and Dice Podcast #6:
Surviving Early Access Reviews

Two Great Games Even Before Full Launch

May 30, 2018
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Here are two great survival games that look very similar - on paper. Don't worry though, once you log in to either, you'll see where the magic is.

Dauntless is a PC game that just hit open beta, and it hopes to take on the legendary Monster Hunter franchise. It's a tough order to fill, but the brand new game does have a few things already going for it: a beautiful world, some very fun combat, and gameplay that really encourages you to find a group of friends to play with.

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Eden Rising, in comparison, is all about taking that group co-operation and turning it up to 11. It's you and your tribe of up to 7 others, on your own private server. No one else can help you fix this infested planet to make it livable. Fortunately, that's why you can craft your own gear. This one is a hybrid of too many genres at once, and yet it somehow works.

We talk about both in this podcast. Maybe one of these games is right up your alley, or maybe both. Whichever the case, we love finding games like this: that encourage teamwork and co-operation...ones that we can all log into to die together in while trying to save the world. See you there!

Sprites and Dice Podcast

#6: Surviving Early Access Reviews


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