State of the Blog, Summer 2013:
1500 Pageviews, Quicker Updates, and Moving into Miniatures.

Aug 02, 2013
Nerd party

So, before anything else, since there are now more of you people reading our updates than ever...

1500 pageviews was reached just as August 1st was hit. We kicked this party off in April as a side project, hoping it would possibly, maybe become something worth investing more of our time into. Something that other gamers could appreciate or just kill some time...and heck, let us have a voice in our own subculture. Four months later, its safe to say we are finally hitting our stride.

game characters running on treadmills

Whoever made this .gif deserves all of the love.

Zoë and I are spending more time at night plotting how to add more content, as well as keep it fresh and interesting. We've just recently begun hitting our starting goal of two to three updates a week, and now that we have our own Facebook AND Twitter page, we are really hoping to keep picking up speed. We've spent a little time the last few nights plotting our course forward for the next short while, and we thought we would share here.

First things first, about the site itself, we are hoping to get some new logos done and a better background scheme going soon enough. We've noticed that the comments section is a bit wonky: the main page often shows we have 0 comments, but after being on the website and looking at enough posts, they magically appear again. Fixing that is a priority, as we do want to hear from all of you nerds out there (no seriously, comment, I need them to breathe).

In terms of content, we've been going with a generalized theme with no specific set course, indie computer and video gaming being the obvious push; this makes sense, coming out of PAX East '13, but now since there are two of us writers, we think its time to broaden our approach. So, as a general rule for the next few months, its going to be split like this:

  • Zoë, being more technology savvy with 'the Twitter' and 'the computer', will continue posting articles having to do with indie gaming, social media and gaming, and the online community as a whole.
  • Being the older, old fashioned nerd of the pair, I'll be finally start focusing on the 'and dice' section of our group, shifting my posts to tabletop and miniatures.

Of course, we are going to go out of our normal elements occasionally, posting about current events in the community, or just having a fun side theme for a while (Zoë and I have been wanting to do a few articles on Nerf and the Humans Vs. Zombies phenomenon). Also, we want to hear from all of you people too you know, and what you want. Have a particular game, or theme in a game, expanded on? Please, give us a buzz with your ideas, we'll be happy to tackle them.

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Expect more of this.

That's about it for now, but again, thanks to everyone that's been reading, and been giving words of encouragement to the pair of us. Writing for this is starting to feel very rewarding, and we both hope that as the blog picks up steam, that it will continue to become a more rewarding and engaging experience for everyone that stops by.


Alright, now that Wyatt's had his say, a few updates from me! As Wyatt mentioned, we're now on Twitter and Facebook, and also have a dedicated email address for you guys to send your thoughts to. Twitter has been a really awesome experience for me this summer, because it's allowed me to talk to so many awesome strangers, including the content creators I love. If you want to follow my silly thoughts outside of this blog, or just yell things at me, you can also follow my personal Twitter here.

As for content, I have a few posts still lined up that are a bit personal in nature, as well as some general thoughts on gaming culture. As for games coverage, I recently came across two pieces of hardware: The Ouya, and a new PC! This means I have almost too many games to play now, from my backlog of Humble Bundle games, to the Delver's Drop Alpha, to all the Windows-only games I've been itching to play for as long as I've had my Mac. Actually, there's a load of things I can do with this PC, so keep an eye out for whatever I may come up with (videos, possibly?).

I've also been tweaking the site in the past few days, making things a little cleaner, updating some old info, and just digging into Blogger and seeing what it can do. Let me know if anything looks off to you guys, and I'll try my best to look into it. Our current graphics are done by my lovely girlfriend Miranda, and will also be updated in the coming weeks (I'm also attempting to learn sprite art for my games, so we'll see how that pans out...).

That's all I've got to say for now, but once again, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for site updates, there will definitely be plenty in the near future!

- Zoë

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder