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The Xbox One

May 22, 2013
Xbox One Console

So, it's finally here - the gauntlet has been thrown, the new gen systems are on their way. It feels different than the last run though, in my opinion. It doesn't feel like a competition in the same way that the Wii/360/PS3 did, all trying to convince the world that what they had was better than the other company's new shiny toy. For me, it feels like each company now is trying to convince you - and themselves - that this is what the future of gaming should be. Nintendo in a lot of ways has bowed out of any classic 'race' with the Wii U, developing it quickly, early, and not waiting to compete with the others. Sony's reveal felt the most traditional, relying on a massive dose of graphical firepower... there's this new kick-starter thing, the Ouya that has now entered the race (We'll get to that in some later post)... ...And then there is this, the Xbox One. A lot of press about this, and not all good either.

Amazing new Kinect, but purposefully destroying the used games market? New shiny controller, but no backwards compatibility? Some of this is fact, some still needing to be verified... for the first time, we want to start open discussion here on the blog. What do you guys think?

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder