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Which Pokemon Game Wins Them All?

Nov 07, 2013

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So, I walk into this fully knowing this is probably a horrible question to ask on the inter-webs. There is, realistically, probably no real 'right' answer, because trying to quantify how a black-and-white game from 1996 is better or worse than a modern 3D iteration that has access to oodles of more processing power is pretty much impossible.


Yep, That's right - Pokemon is now 17 years old. How's that feel?

However, I'm going to ask anyway: What's your favorite set of Pokemon games? Is it the Ruby/Sapphire set, that re-ignited the series on the Gameboy Advance? Maybe it was Pearl/Diamond, which catapulted the series into a higher set of graphics, and onto the new (then it was new, at least) Nintendo DS?

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Leading to the new, and very shiny new games, X/Y......damnit, I need a 3DS....

Maybe you're a purist, so you go back to the original 151, and claim that you can't beat that which started it all. Or maybe its something you leave in the dust, who knows? I'm not you (but if I was, I would probably say Ivysaur is still one of the coolest Pokemon ever).

So, here, you have my permission, have at it - argue about what your favorite game set was. Your favorite Pokemon, heck, your favorite region. Did you like Team Galaxy as your enemy...or Team Rocket's ridiculousness make you laugh too hard? Let us know!

...Regardless of your answers, I'm sure you'll all join me in saying that Paras, Cubone, and Kabuto all are cooler and more ridiculous than Bidoof, even as original Pokemon. I mean, who could argue with that?



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