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The Steam Sale

Jul 16, 2013

Alright computer nerds, its that time of year again... that time where suddenly all your favorite games appear with % next to it, you blink, and then suddenly you are out fifty bucks, own four new games, and are cursing the day you ever downloaded Steam .

But why?

steam flash sales

I mean, you are getting everything you want, and then some. Just look at the most recent one that just started for this summer - adding a new 'trading card' gimmick that gives you the allure of more value, on top of the fact that over the course of a week, at least 3-5 games that you've just been meaning to pick up and try are now perhaps 5, 10, or a terrible 20 dollars.

So here's my question - why do hear so many people jumping for joy...and cursing about the sale's existence, at the exact same time?

I will probably do a larger post about this at some point this month, but for now, there are so many great articles about it strewn across the internet, from great comics to developer commentary to very well written psychology articles trying to explain exactly how the steam sale preys on our psyche. It might be that gamers are feeling they are somehow being ripped off, or are being toyed with...and yet jump into the trap every time. If you know facebook friends that post about their gaming lives, you know exactly what I mean. So, before I launch into a rant about it myself, lets open up the floor - what do you think about the steam sale? Why do you think it happens, and why gamers flock to it time and time again? Do you participate?

Also, hilarious comic about it below, courtesy of Dorkly.

dorkly comic steam sale

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