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Steam Announcements

Sep 28, 2013
steam machines

Valve announced three big things this past week: SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller. It's caused a lot of noise around the internet, though there haven't been many solid opinions one way or another over these things. It's certainly disruptive. It bridges a gap between console and PC that we've never really managed before. Here we have an OS and a controller that will work on any machine, and consoles designed to use these two things together with multiple types of users in mind. Even the doubts people have had about the Steam controller's questionable design are being quelled by hands on impressions from trusted people like Tommy Refenes.

Screen+Shot+2013 09 28+at+6.37.38+PM

Thing is, we have no idea how the market is going to react to this. The Ouya didn't create nearly as many waves as people thought it would, but this time we're talking about Valve. Much time and testing has gone into this, and it seems like regardless of their success in the market, these three things will all be quality products.


So, are you excited about these announcements? Is there anything specific that stands out to you? I personally can't wait to install SteamOS on my gaming PC and give it a go, and the controller seems like it'll be fun to use, at the least. I'm still a bit disappointed Half Life 3 wasn't announced. Not because I'm dying to play it or anything, just because I'm ready for the "Valve counted to three!" jokes to stop. Anyhow, there's a lot of things we've yet to see about this, and plenty of hype going around. What do you guys think?

Zoë Wolfe

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