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Ever Want To Be In Stranger Things?

Jul 01, 2017
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Last year, the world was taken back to the 1980s thanks to the Duffer brothers and a killer soundtrack for Stranger Things. Out of nowhere, and to the surprise of many, the netflix series actually praised Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Games as a whole; the plucky young main characters were fans of their basement dice rolling, using it to transport themselves on wild adventures, at least, until the adventures in their own town became real. Of course, it was only a matter of time until someone asked: what if there was a Role-Playing System that let you experience what those children did in the series?Rememorex is a game system currently on Kickstarter, designed to launch you into a fantastical experience as quickly as possible. Using a set of rules called the Omnisystem, there are only three statistics that your character starts the game with, letting you get off the ground and playing as quickly as possible. Character sheets are simple and manageable, and the game is made to let you set the bar of how you want to play: do you want to be children that are sucked into supernatural problems, or adults who have been living a normal boring life before aliens suddenly land just outside of their suburbian town?

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RPG systems are typically set in a fantastical past or a dramatic far-future. I'm looking forward to a chance to experience a very weird 'now'.

A great thing about the game is that the ruleset is designed to let you enjoy an experience with an 80s flair in the way you want it. It's designed with some pretty fun new mechanics directly into the system that I'm excited about. The first of these would be the Montage system, which is a way to condense a lot of small events and details into one quick scene. However, the one most people seem to be excited about is how the rules take into account the chance that some players might not make it to every session; calling it the "Tracking Error", the system allows for characters not currently available to have their own side-adventure that adds to the main plot.

Rememorex has been made to be a deep dive into 80s tropes. Made of neon signs and childhood memories, this game system is meant to let you experience a (relatively) modern style adventure, tinted with nostalgia and the ability to really jump into the crazy movies that many of us grew up with, and inspired the modern classics of today. The chance to create an adventure of a child-like version of myself finding E.T., or discovering a lost civilization under my old hometown is very tempting.

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What helps is that this RPG is only $25 dollars for a physical copy, PDF, and adventure when it arrives in January 2018, if you get it during the Kickstarter. It's funding is ending today, so don't miss this chance if you are interested in reliving the very inspired, very weird world of sci-fi 1980s!

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder