The 2DS is brilliant

Aug 28, 2013
nintendo 2ds red

The Nintendo 2DS was announced this morning, much to the confusion of many gamers. 3DS owners - especially those with XL models - weren't exactly in need of a new model of console. Not to mention one shaped like a door stopper. It may be strange, but it's not really a terrible move.

Back when the 3DS XL came out, many people were confused why it was such a minor upgrade. It may have been bigger and more comfortable, but there really weren't many changes to the console itself, namely the lack of a second circle pad. Nintendo responded stating they did not want to alienate owners of the original 3DS, which was an unsatisfactory answer for some, but with the announcement of the 2DS, it makes a lot more sense. Nintendo is making a smart move here: instead of constantly updating the 3DS and making previous models inferior, they are just broadening the options available to new customers.


Essentially, they're pulling an Apple, and that's okay.

Apple has been doing this with iPods for years. They put out multiple devices at multiple price tiers, all designed for people with different needs and budgets. While a 3DS XL with two circle pads would have been cool, or even a 2DS with a large touch screen, they would have made those with different models feel like they were missing out. Funnily enough, it's a problem many people tend to have with Apple: they buy the latest product, only to feel cheated months later when the newest one is announced. With the current 3DS family, I don't see that happening.


This is cool in concept, but missing the point of the 2DS entirely.

In terms of functionality, the only thing the 2DS is missing is the 3D function. What it's not missing is the ability to play every DS and 3DS game out there, and that means Nintendo isn't fragmenting its own user base, but instead expanding it to be more inclusive.

Just like with pasta sauce, there is no one product that's perfect for everyone. Nintendo realizes this, and is looking to offer something for everyone. I think that's awesome.

Zoë Wolfe

Co-Founder, Webmaster