Sprites and Dice Podcast #1:
Sprites and Dice Rerolled

New Format and New Style

Nov 17, 2017
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Our podcast is back, and better than ever!

We are excited to start producing these episodes again, in a newer, sleeker format. On this episode, Eric, Adam and myself sit down and cover three board game reviews as quickly as possible: Inis, Hero Realms, and Rail Raiders Infinite. We talk about why these games are fun (surprise, most of these are great to play at a bar), and who we think would most enjoy these games. We also talk about the first ever PAX Unplugged, which happens this weekend; what board games are on our top purchasing list? What big events and megagames are going on at this convention?

Welcome back to the Sprites and Dice podcast, now bringing you gaming news, reviews and opinions in 45 minutes or less.

Sprites and Dice Podcast

#1: Sprites and Dice Rerolled


Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder