Podcast Experiment:
"Positive Twist Minis" Episodes 2 and 3!

Jan 22, 2014
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I'll keep this brief and to the point - Like Malifaux? I have two new Podcast Episodes for you.

Myself and Eric have actually gotten some starter feedback, and the podcast experience has been...interesting, learning how to edit and work things together. Its hopefully a push towards Zoë and myself doing one based around some of our 'big question' posts that we do occasionally about the gaming industry as a whole. For now though, Eric and myself have two new episodes of "Positive Twist Minis", which is a podcast about miniature and tabletop gaming, although we are spending some time on our favorite for now. Tell us what you think of these pod-casts, if Malifaux is your game! Links are below the cut.

Concept Art 2

Just in case you needed another reason to think this game is awesome/bizarre... this is an actual game model.

Episode 2 is "10 Thunders and Dual Faction Craziness!", and it deals with the sheer amount of crew selection you can get in the game, and the variability of choices that are available to you in the game. You can find the crew here.

Episode 3 is "New Faces of Malifaux", which is a high, quick overview of 8 brand new masters to the game, and what it is that they bring to the table in terms of different play styles, looks, and simply cool factor. Its also us plugging the end of Malifaux's awesome open beta for the 2nd edition of the game. It ends this friday, on 1/24, so get your thoughts in now if you can! We also touch a little on Smash Up, which we reviewed here a few months back. You can find it here.

Want to give us feedback directly just on the podcast? Send it to PositiveTwistminis@gmail.com

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Editor-in-chief, Co-founder