The Downloadable Content Podcast, and covering PAX East 2014 experiences!

May 02, 2014

How much content is there about the Penny Arcade Expo? A lot, apparently. Too much. Just a few days ago, Zoë and I were comparing the stacks of business cards we picked up. We were intimidated, to say the least, and excited for all the content we have to slog through. So many good games, so much to cover.

However, just covering the games doesn't really cover the convention itself, does it? An Expo like that is more than the sum of its parts - its the cosplay you see, the people you run into and have random conversations with. Its the conversations with the developers on the floor, the excitement in the room. Not to mention the concerts.

IMG 4216

Oh, the glorious concerts.

My good friend Brian Williams has been running a gaming content podcast for a while as a hobby, and every year he does a PAX East wrap up with a mixture of his friends, trying to grab as large a cross-section of people as possible to cover the whole experience of the convention. Its a fun time for the podcasters too, as we compare and contrast highlights and moments, giving games to the others to watch out for. Its an entirely different approach than our article-by-article of games coverage.

This Wednesday, Brian put out the episode covering PAX East 2014, and while its certainly long, there are some pretty good stories on there. Zoë and I were on board, talking about panels we went to, and some of our favorite interactions with other people there. If podcasts are your thing, this is certainly worth trying out - the whole podcast probably is too, as there are many subjects listed in easy to find ways.


You can find the podcast on iTunes, with a handy link here. Happy listening!

Wyatt Krause

Editor-in-chief, Co-founder