This Weekend, Get Civ 6 For Free On The Epic Games Store

You Can Pick It Up For Free Until March 28th

May 22, 2020
Civilization 6 Logo.jpg

Since we’re all spending more time inside, what better way to spend it than playing some games? Or maybe in this case, it’s more playing one very, very long game. Civ 6, the latest entry in the long running 4X series, is now free to anyone with an Epic Games account. Wyatt wrote some first impressions of it almost four years ago, and the fact that it's still usually $60 says a lot about it.

This is the second major title that Epic has been handing out free PC copies of recently. Prior to Civ 6 getting handed out, the new major games marketplace was giving out free copies of Grand Theft Auto V, another AAA title.

Civ 6 Frontier Pass.jpg

Keep in mind, this is happening alongside Firaxis Games rolling out their Frontier Pass throughout 2020.

It’s more than likely that other major titles will be doled out come March 28, when the current offer on Civ 6 ends. The Epic Games Store has made a point over the past two years of providing free games to its users. Usually, this came in the form of three free games each couple of weeks. However, it now seems the marketplace is using its considerable weight to shift away from handing out mostly free indie titles to blockbuster successes.

You can pick up your free copy of Civ 6 here. Simply add it to your library and it will be available to you as long as the Epic Games Store is kicking. There are two expansions already out for the game, but don't worry, you won't need them to enjoy the original. With nothing to lose, this is a great chance to try out the game franchise that spawned the 4x genre. If you end up liking it, trust me, you'll have hours and hours of game play ahead of you to enjoy.

Otto Kratky

News Writer