Coyote & Crow Kickstarter Enters Final Days

The Native-Led TTRPG Project Approaches $800,000 in Funding

Mar 28, 2021
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Coyote & Crow is a new TTRPG developed by a Native-led team, leading to a setting unlike any we've seen before. Set in an America that European colonists never reached, the world of Coyote & Crow has been shaped by the Awis, a climate catastrophe that almost destroyed the world. Peoples were cut off from each other by glaciers and stormy seas, causing highly advanced civilizations to develop independently all over the world. In short, the setting boasts a fascinating blend of futuristic technology and ancient magic: picture Shadowrun without the capitalist dystopia and you’ll be on the right track.

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As players, you are diving into this unique world 700 years after the Awis; the ice is melting and the waters are growing quiet. The world is healing, but that comes with its own host of new problems. What’s beyond the only civilization you’ve ever known? What happens when your people no longer need to band together just to survive? And could there be some truth to the rumors of mythical monsters stalking the wilds? This world is not a dystopia, but instead one filled with exploration and wonder.

First Impressions - An Alternative World With Wonderful Ideas For All

The Native American perspective isn’t as prevalent in gaming as it should be, so we’re very excited for this game. Apparently a lot of other people are, too - as the Coyote & Crow Kickstarter enters its last three days, the project boasts more than 11,000 backers and over 4300% funding!

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A purple streak across the sky heralded the Awis, which brought the world to the brink of death. Now that it has passed, what comes next?

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Coyote & Crow looks a bit like World of Darkness. Character creation is pretty detailed, players roll giant fistfuls of dice for skill checks, and while there is combat, players are encouraged to look for more diplomatic solutions to their problems. The game developers are less interested in outright dungeon crawling (no experience points in the system!), and are more interested in the journeys your characters will take. Using the Legends system, you advance by achieving short term and long term goals, advancing the story of yourself and your party while also encouraging player advancement in ways that parallel their character's choices during sessions.

The focus on Native American culture and mythology has naturally raised some concerns from non-Natives (ourselves included!) about whether it’s an appropriate game for them to bring to the table. The short answer is: absolutely. Coyote & Crow is for everyone. For the much more detailed and heartfelt answer, we refer you to this statement by project lead Connor Alexander. It's really encouraging to see how much the designers have thought about questions like this, both to stay true to their own vision, while also making the game open to all.

If you want to get in on this exciting project, you’ve got about three days to back the Kickstarter campaign. If you want more details about the game and the team behind it, check out the Coyote & Crow website.

Eric Henn

Head Writer