Black Friday Board Game Deals Are Live!

Rare Board Game Deals That Are Worth A Look

Nov 27, 2020
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Black Friday isn’t just for buying some hot tech or video games at heavily discounted prices: for those gamers who prefer dice and cards, today’s also the day to pack your shelves with even more cardboard.

Across the internet, there are deals on every kind of tabletop games one can imagine: Card games, puzzle games, or RPGs, you name it there’s a deal to be found. That being said, some of the the best deals online today can be found at Barnes and Noble.

Black Friday sales at Barnes and Noble include a buy one get one 50% off deal, so customers can nab Settlers of Catan and Dune for under $100 today. This offer, and the other discounts that can be found on Barnes and Noble’s site, will be available until Sunday, November 29.

Pandemic Board Game Box.jpg

The Broken Token is a site that specializes in augmenting your board game collection rather than adding to it. It's a great change of pace if you are looking for gifts!

However, there are plenty of people who already have a ton of board games and might be looking for more eclectic gives. For those people, we suggest visiting The Broken Token, who specializes in board game inserts, very fancy looking storage solutions, and plenty of supplies for those who like tabletop role-playing games. This online retailer carries all the materials needed for any great tabletop RPG experience, and almost everything is on sale. You can even buy a pound, yes a pound, of dice at a discount today. Keep in mind, this retailer very, very rarely has deals, and right now they have a 20% off on their online store.

Don't Forget Your LGS!

Please keep in mind, we are talking about some of the larger retails you can find online from the comfort of your living room or office. We know that there are Friendly Local Gaming Stores that have been hit especially hard this year thanks to COVID; if you have any close to where you live, make sure to give them a call to see what sort of deals they are running! While everyone enjoys a good deal, its also important to keep the local spaces around us open and available by frequenting their storefronts as well.

Happy shopping!

Otto Kratky

News Writer