Binding of Isaac:
Repentance Revealed As The Final Expansion

The End of An Era Comes On March 31st

Jan 09, 2021
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The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - the really, truly, actually, for-real-this-time final expansion for the genre-defining rogue-lite - has an official trailer and release date: March 31, 2021. Per a tweet from creator Edmund McMillen, Repentance will add the fanmade mod Antibirth to the official game, along with all-new content. The welcoming of community content is always welcome, and its not often that a game as old as The Binding of Isaac gets promised a strong refreshing send off like this.

The Return of Antibirth

Antibirth was one of the most popular mods for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It added a plethora of new rooms, items, and bosses to the game, along with an entire new story path and a secret ending. Unfortunately, the Antibirth mod was incompatible with the official expansion Afterbirth, which came out in 2016. Now, five years later, fans will finally be able to have the mod content alongside the full official Binding of Isaac experience.

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Antibirth brought us some truly unique content.

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According to McMillen Repentance will cost $14.99, which is the same price as the base Rebirth game. However, he seems to feel that it’ll be worth the cost: multiple announcements for Repentance have promised that the expansion has as much content as a whole new game.

If you’d like to see some of what’s in store for us with the new expansion, any number of YouTubers have played the Antibirth mod. At the same time we're being told there will be brand new content, such as new items and floors that will continue to build on the already towering amount of content that exists in the base game.

The End?

The original Binding of Isaac came out almost a decade ago, in September 2011. It was rebooted as Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in 2014, and expansions have come out sporadically since then. If, as McMillen claims, Repentance is truly the final expansion for this roguelite classic, it’ll be the end of an era. It may finally be time to say goodbye to this strange, addictive, off-color game.

...Then again, the devs said the same thing about Afterbirth+. For now however, it's good to know that a now classic rogue-lite game is going to have a chance to show off what it can do at least one more time.

Eric Henn

Head Writer